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  1. susan cooney

    I am the daughter of the late Monroe (Whitey) James Weirback who served on the Shangri La during WWII. I would like to know what position he held while on the ship. He never talked about his service.

    Thank you.

    Susan Cooney

    1. Robert Hayner

      Hello Susan,
      Unfortunately there is virtually no way to determine exactly what specific crewmembers did aboard Shangri-La during WWII. The records of shipmates are not kept in a way to make your request happen. Very sorry to give you this news. Thank you for contacting us.
      Best wishes,
      Bob Hayner
      1st VP & Webmaster
      USS Shangri-La Reunion Ass’n

  2. Charles M Carter

    Hi! Just found out my dad, Charles Owen Carter, was on the Shangri La, from around July 1949 – February 1953.
    Just thought I’d say hi, and was wondering if any one remembers him. (He passed away, August 1995)

    As a veteran myself, US Army, 1975-1979, this is so exciting to know this group is out there!

    – chuck

    1. Robert Hayner

      My condolences to you. I have never heard your dad’s name mentioned at one of our annual reunions. Do you have any information as to what type of work he did on Shangri-La? I will add his name to our Taps list, which is read at at our memorial service each year during our reunion. Please reply to
      Thanks for contacting us,
      Best wishes,
      Bob Hayner
      1st VP & Webmaster
      USS Shangri-La Reunion Ass’n.

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