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P.O. BOX 1367
Dear Shipmate,

Thank You, for finding and visiting our web site. Please take the time to look round and bring back some “Shang” memories, and please remember to sign our guest book.The USS Shangri-La Reunion Association is made up of former CREW, SQUADRON, AIR WING, MAR-DET and DETACHMENT members (Officers & Enlisted) from all years of the ship’s existence. We have, at present, over 1150 members. We hold reunions annually in different cities and towns around the country. Usually 200-300 people attend the reunions, and we always have a great time renewing old friendships and making new ones. We have fun, go on tours, and collect many memories along the way. So please consider yourself and your family as friends and shipmates.

Every year we hear the same quote from first time attendees…“why didn’t I attend reunions sooner”. Just about every year we see old shipmates reunited after many years of wondering what happened over the years. It’s become a second family for a lot of our members. We’ve even had people meet and marry through their attendance at our reunions.
We send out the “Horizon”, our newsletter, approximately 2 to 3 times per year to all of our members. It has information on the ship, up-coming reunions, ship history, ship’s store order form (ballcaps, shirts, etc), shipmates, membership application, etc. Also, our members can get copies of our membership roster from the secretary /treasurer for a nominal fee. The roster contains the names, addresses, telephone, rank, division, years on board, etc, of every member.
Many, many friendships have been re-made this way, and we hope it continues.
I hope that you will consider joining our Association and renew old friendships, and make many new ones with former shipmates. It would be a pleasure to have you join and see you attend reunions.
If you need any questions answered or any additional assistance, feel free to contact me at any time.

YISSS, (Yours In Shared Shangri-la Service)

Bob Hayner, President
Brick, NJ

(CV-CVA-CVS-38) 1944-1971